Andrew Gothard for
UFF President

Dear Fellow UFF Members,

My leadership values are simple and direct. At the local and state level, I’ve seen them guide effective action. Bottom line: leadership is service. As UFF President, I will work for and listen to you—the members and leaders of this union. In this position, I will be present, accessible, and responsive to the concerns of all our chapters by adopting a system of radical transparency in decision making at all levels. I believe that true union power is generated from the bottom-up by empowering and enabling our members in the local chapters through ground level, grassroots support.

I know how to build that kind of grassroots power, not as vague ideology, but through the nuts and bolts, boots on the ground process of member and leader organizing. Committees should be trusted and enabled to do their work, including informing the membership of what that work is. Collective action only happens as a collective. This vision of union leadership, where the President serves and supports the chapters and committees on the ground level to enact change throughout the state, is the vision our union needs moving forward.

Our current leadership structure is not emphasizing this form of leadership, but with our continued rapid growth and expansion of new chapters, UFF has reached a turning point. The only sustainable way to continue that growth is through the member-first organizing model of leadership that I will bring to the UFF Presidency. In short, we achieve nothing alone, but together, through a shared sense of solidarity and collective buy-in, we can build true union power in Florida.

Campaign Speech


If you’d like to ask questions about my platform or schedule a campaign call with me, please reach out to the email below. I’d love to hear from you!


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Important Dates

  • March 3 – Ballots mailed to all UFF members

  • March 15 – Statewide Townhall Q&A with Andrew Gothard at 5:00 pm

  • March 23 – Final recommended date for mailing back ballots


All of this, and more, has been achieved only by working as a member of an effective team.

Through all of these experiences I have learned–

  • the irreplaceable value of teamwork,
  • the immeasurable importance of hearing the wisdom of those who have come before, and
  • the undeniable power of solidarity—not based merely in setting goals, but through values-based connections.

I firmly believe this method of leadership and member engagement is the key to UFF’s continued growth and success, and as UFF President, I would take these skills and processes to every corner of UFF’s work in Florida.


These are ambitious plans, I know, but I also know that I can achieve none of this on my own.

Overall, a vote for me is a vote for us. I can’t strengthen our union alone, but through powerful collective action we can make UFF stronger than ever!